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Loyal, not just local.

Like you, we're fiercely parochial about our region. For 60 years we've cared and shared in the welfare of your animals, both farm and household.

We do better, not just business.

When the going gets tough, as it often does, we're always there to lean on to make sure you and your animals pull through.

Our Mission

At North Canterbury Vets, our mission is to provide a world-class rural and urban veterinary service. We value relationship, so we can provide personal service and expert care for your animals and for your wider farming business. We want to do more for our clients than supply treatments and medications - we want to share our in-depth knowledge on livestock management and farm practise to help you get your animals performing at their peak, creating a healthier, more profitable business for you. 

Our Clinics & Hours

North Canterbury Veterinary Clinics operates four clinics throughout the Hurunui region.