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Mycoplasma Update

What do you all do from here? Are my grazed out calves safe? Can I buy in cows? Should I stop buying bulls for mating? Can I test my R2 heifers when they come home?

So many questions and uncertainty! Below are some review comments from the Ashburton meeting;

- To date 65,000 tests have been done, 400 trace properties tested, 7 infected herds already culled.
- Plan is to roll out full National herd surveillance district by district by bulk milk testing. The Bulk milk test is a PCR test which uses genetic material of the bacteria, a little like DNA finger printing.
-  National eradication is still the aim of MPI and the National Mycoplasma working group.
- Still understood to be a recent pinpoint biosecurity incursion that is not widespread in NZ yet and so controllable.
- So far, testing by MPI and Vets has been a combination of testing infected and bordering farms, stock movement tracing from those farms, District bulk milk testing and strategic nationwide screening sampling.
- North of the Rakaia regional Bulk milk testing for our farms is to be rolled out next month

There will be an Advisory / Q&A Meeting to all farmers by MPI / Fonterra / DairyNZ explaining this District's surveillance on Wednesday 14 February at 11.00am - Culverden Rugby Clubrooms.

This meeting will be vital for you to attend to collect your milk sampling kits but also have your chance to ask questions.

Here is a direct email address for MPI to help answer questions or queries:

As always, we will keep you fully informed as we are advised from the Ministry of any significant announcements or events going forward.

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